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Maintenance and improvement of mechanical and electrical systems


We provide professional maintenance services in the following forms:

– Periodically scheduled maintenance (depending on the size or nature of the business or on request).

– Provide maintenance staff to work directly at your office.

– With a team of experienced engineers in the related field.

– Technical staff are trained professional skills.

– Work according to the process drawn from practical experience and international standards.

– Save money, time.

– Minimize risks, problems at the lowest level.

– The safety and protection of the high system.

– Consulting, installing and using electricity, electrical equipment effectively, safely and economically.

List of maintenance of electromechanical system in the building include:

  1. Power system.
  2. Water supply and drainage system.
  3. Fire Prevention and Fighting System.
  4. Air conditioning system.
  5. Ventilation system.

The solution we offer:

-Check the entire building electromechanical system

To plan and maintain appropriate methods

– Build the optimal process of managing, repairing, maintaining and operating the system.

– Check and measure the technical specifications regularly to orientate the repair in time.

– Set logs to monitor, track, repair and replace equipment and systems on time.

– Quickly fix mechanical problems.

– Make periodic maintenance of equipment.

– Consulting, adjusting the load operation reasonable to save power.

– Manage employees, assign, supervise, check the level of work accomplishment.

Periodically check the work flow to re-balance the load, check the heating mode of electrical appliances

Follow up and check periodically

Conditioning maintenance

Handle water leakage leaks