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Construction and installation of water supply and drainage system


Water supply and drainage systems are an important part of the home. So for a great water supply and drainage system, the process of designing and installing the system plays a very important role. And contribute to create a beautiful...

Construction of power systems of buildings and industrial, civil and bridges.


Power system ,As part of the name of M & E, the electrical system is a key item in many Vina M & E items. This is an indispensable system for any construction project that serves the needs of businesses,...

Installation and installation of ventilation systems


  Air conditioning systems in the air conditioning are increasingly popular in large buildings, apartment buildings, buildings, offices, hotels … by its usability and fresh air. Below, look at the outstanding features and the role of air ducts in air...

Installation of pccc systems


Fire Prevention is one of the most important and indispensable systems for any highrise apartment building or building. It plays a very important role in protecting human life and property. Therefore, the investment in the installation and installation of fire...

Installation of surveillance camera system


Currently the camera system is used quite commonly For companies, businesses: the camera will help managers easily observe the activities of employees, even on business trips through video capture cards transmitted over the Internet. It also has the meaning of...